Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to receive a box of very posh & very fancy Lomo Crisps from Awfully Posh. At first glance, these crisps look very funky, almost a ray of sunshine with their fantastically bright packaging, as for the crisps themselves, well, they’re certainly not your average looking crisp!
As expected, these crisps were very posh indeed. Made from Spanish Pork Loin (one of the finest, if not the finest, cuts of pork), the crisps are cured with a blend of paprika & garlic to really bring out the flavour of the meat, then finally thinly sliced & air dried ready for consumption! The crisps are also high in protein, yet low in carbs (HOORAH!), & are Keto/Atkins diet-friendly, making them perfect for an afternoon snack, or a post-gym treat. What more could you ask for from a crisp I ask you?!

I loved these ‘crisps’, I am a tapas-fiend & these little bites of goodness oozed a gorgeous, summery, tapas-y vibe. Truly flavoursome, they are perfect served alongside some fresh olives & manchego (a jug of sangria wouldn’t go amiss either!) Personally, I wouldn’t reach for these as a crisp-y snack, over a bag of crisps over lunch, just my personal preference as I didn’t find them very filling, but I would hands-down serve up for perhaps a tapas themed dinner, or even as a picnic snack in the summer months. They are certainly something very different, & well worth trying, especially if you’re a fan of parma/Iberian hams. 

Now, as these crisps are exceptionally posh, they will set you back £23.99 for a box of ten, HOWEVER, they will provide you with a taste of Spain, & in comparison to the price of a plane ticket, this is nothing, & you won’t have to quarantine after eating these either! There’s also a chance to BAG YOURSELF A BOX of these babies as I’ve paired up with Awfully Posh to bring one of you the chance of winning a box, simply check out my previous post on Instagram on Awfully Posh & get yourself entered.

Crisps can be brought directly from & don’t forget, The Awfully Posh range also includes Pork Puffs, Pork Scratchings and Pork Crackling. All of which are awfully posh of course!

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Groundbreaking brand Nudie Snacks has harnessed the plant power in wonky veg and is the first to market a new product made from fresh produce that would usually have been discarded.

The Caulifower Crisps are made from 40% fresh cauliflower grown in Scotland and come in two different flavours – cheese and caramelised onion and katsu curry. They offer bold and innovative flavours with a broad appeal to all ages and tastes.

The Ayrshire brand says the crisps are in line with its ethos of producing quality plant-based snacks that are a healthier alternative.

With no artificial flavourings or colourings, the Cauliflower Crisps are low in sugar, high in fibre and 40% lower in saturated fat than traditional potato crisps, making a healthier snacking option. Importantly, they are cutting food waste as the crisps are made from vegetables often thrown out because they don’t meet standard shape and size requirements.

“We wanted to find a way to use all the wonky cauliflowers that shops think they can’t or shouldn’t be selling and making them into a snack we’re proud of,” said Tracey Hogarth, founder of Nudie Snacks.

“We are the first to market this product – it’s the perfect snack and doesn’t compromise on taste or quality.

“With the health risks associated with diabetes, obesity and coronavirus, it has never been a more important time to keep your immune system and gut health in good condition. Eating pulses is better for you, keeps you fuller for longer and prevents you reaching for high-fat, high-sugar snacks.”

A 22gm bag of Cauliflower Crisps has 118 calories and is perfect for adults and children, in packed lunch boxes, to nibble on during the day or in the evening.

Suitable for those following vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free diets, the crisps are part of a new range by Nudie Snacks that includes Lentil Curls flavoured with Chilli and lime, Quinoa Chips with Sundried Tomato and Garlic, Lightly Salted Roasted Corn, Lightly Salted Hummus Chips and Popcorn.

The new range is available to buy from

Prices from £9.99 for a box of 12 packs of Cauliflower Crisps, delivered straight to your door.


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Health and Fitness Editor, Lucy Gornall, discusses her tips and tricks to maintain a healthy gut.

  • 84% of Brits do not consider their immune system to be a strong defender of illness
  • Only 19% of Brits are very aware of the term ‘gut health’
  • 1 in 5 Brits suffer often with constipation, indigestion (22%) and diarrhoea (18%)

It’s uncomfortable… it’s embarrassing… it’s a little awkward… and that’s just the conversation. Gut health, and speaking about it, can be both mortifying and interesting, and it’s ok to embrace both!

What we know about our health, whether that be what causes a migraine, or what gives us cramp, is different for every single person. 

We’re all unique. We all have ups and downs, good and bad days (or thoughts, or feelings) but there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help us feel a little more stable… and at the very least, stable in our gut!

I recently discovered some new research from (my favourite) yoghurt brand, The Collective, who found that a huge 84% of us do not rate our immune system as being a strong defender or preventer of illness. In fact, 1 in 5 Brits suffer with constipation, indigestion (22%) and even diarrhoea (18%) more often than we’d like. 

It’s shocking to me that so many of us are suffering in this way, and that stomach issues like these are becoming ‘normal’ and almost expected… There are countless aspects of life that we should be normalising, but an uncomfortable and sometimes painful gut, is not one of them!

The following thoughts are personal to me, BUT, what works for one can work for the many, so if you’re struggling with your gut health, don’t struggle alone. If you’re becoming used to being bloated, feeling sluggish, tired, and constantly uncomfortable then maybe I can help. 

A bowl of food on a table

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Limit Grazing. 
When I snack a lot or just KEEP dipping my hand into the granola bag, I feel like my gut never gets a chance to rest and digest! So, I try to just eat my three meals, leave a nice lengthy gap between, and only snack if I’m hungry!

Always a winner – things just get moving! However, if I over exercise or go that bit too hard, then my stomach will bloat. So, it’s a fine line. Also, to note, when I swim or run I need to have waited at least 2 hours since I last ate. 

Probiotics and fermented foods. 
The Collective kefir range, along with sauerkraut and probiotics have done wonders for me. They help settle my tummy, support my immune system, and although some fermented foods can raise eyebrows when your friends take a peek in your fridge, they really are a game changer. If you’re not used to them though, go easy at first! Or the side effects will be a little… gassy!

Find the trigger foods
Some foods Just don’t agree with my tummy. Fried foods are the devil for me, as is cheese (however, some are ok). I’ve honestly spent years making notes and tracking how I feel after foods… but it’s worth noting that…

Stress plays a part. 
I could eat ice cream when I’m stressed or trying to hit deadlines, and it will ruin my gut. Or I can eat it calmly in front of a film, and it won’t wreak such havoc. As soon as I’m stressed (this could be from an argument with someone, or missing a train or anything that makes me a bit on edge), I try to avoid eating as my tummy just isn’t in that ‘digest’ mode and instead, will simply bloat out! Stress really affects our immune systems, and it’s more important now (than ever before!) to keep ourselves healthy from the inside out.

For digestion! Ok, so when bloating or wind does build up, I go on YouTube, search for ‘digestive yoga’ and spend 5 minutes just… having a release. No shame here – we’ve all been in those uncomfortable situations! 

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Only 19% of us Brits are completely aware of the term ‘gut health’. To me, that’s shocking. What’s more, 59% of us don’t think that maintaining a healthy gut is very important at all. Come on, Britain!

I know how difficult and emotional confronting your gut can be. Our gut is where our true feelings lie – hence the term ‘gut feeling’ – so sometimes we don’t really want to stand up to that challenge. But please know that small changes, and they really can be as tiny as a swig of kefir, can have such a positive lasting effect.”


We were recently lucky enough to get our hands on the fantastic protein filled, Jack Link’s Beef Bars. We only tried the Original flavour, but there is also in fact a Sweet & Hot flavour to choose from too.These little bars are ideal if you’re a bit of a snacker or a grazer, as they come in at only 65kcals per bar, with less than 6% sugar, & will keep you filled throughout the afternoon. The bars are also gluten free & are made from 100% beef. You can pick these up at your local Asda, (we found them very easily, at one of the ends of a refrigerated aisle!)

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A little while back we very kindly received a box full of POP goodies! The box contained a variety of POP peanut bars, flavours including raisin & dark chocolate, peanut butter & dark chocolate, & coconut.

Each of the bars were delicious & crunchy, & made a fantastic mid morning snack, thanks to them being fabulously filling!

We also LOVED the packaging & the branding behind POP – the bright colours are very appealing, & very striking – you would definitely spot the bars on a shop shelf!

Thank you to the team at POP for getting these out to us – we are excited to these guys grow!



A little while back Essex Foodies were gifted with a selection of these intriguing little snacks – & what a treat they were!

Plant Pops are a healthy popped lotus seed snack in a variety of 3 flavours, including;
– Himalayan Salt
– Smoked Chilli (a huge hit in my office!)
– Peanut Butter

The popped seeds are light & airy with not a lot to them, making them very more-ish, but with such low fats, this is not a problem – you can keep eating them!

At first I was a bit sceptical – any sort of healthy snacks would never be my first choice, give me crisps any day of the week, but these were a game changer & totally exceeded my expectations. Finally a healthy snack I would say yes to!

These are most definitely worth a try, especially if you’re a grazer (like myself), you can snack guilt-free.

Thank you to Plant Pops for getting these out to us!