August is fast approaching which means we are closer to being able to make use of the Eat Out To Help Out scheme – a great way for us as customers to try out lots of new places, & also a way for the hospitality sector to start making a recovery. In order to support the scheme, I’m going to be posting menus from various restaurants that will be taking part in the scheme. Menus will primarily be posted to Instagram @essexfoodies, & will also feature on a highlight specifically for Eat Out To Help Out on my Instagram page.
If you’d like to get a menu featured, send over a PDF copy to & I will be more than happy to get this up!


Now, this trip was AGES ago, but how could I not share my food snaps? I admit, they’re not the best but at the time, EF didn’t exist! All images were purely taken for Snapchat showing off purposes. During my visit, we visited so, so many different places to eat & drink but there is absolutely no way I’ll remember each name, here are those I do remember;
– Bubba Gump
– Olive Garden (probably my favourite place to eat in NYC – THEM VIEWS!)
– Ellen’s Stardust Diner (cool venue, didn’t rate the food)
– Junior’s
– IHOP (can’t go all the way to America & not eat here… everything with a side of pancakes? yes please
– & last but not least, McDonald’s, the first thing I ate when I got to NYC was a Big Mac & 10 nugget, couldn’t resist with that 2 for $5 menu!


A bit of a special post from Essex Foodies this evening. There’s not a full review to put up because at the time we were invited to this restaurant, we were not writing reviews in the format that we currently do, instead we were using the Instagram page more as an advertising platform for local businesses, by posting only images… how times have changed! Anyway, Silke holds a bit of a special place in the EF hearts as this was the first restaurant we were ever invited to, so essentially, this is what kick started us (thank you, Silke!) I can honestly say this was one of the best places I had eaten in Chelmsford. The restaurant was family owned & run which I 100% prefer, as I find it calmer with a better atmosphere, & you just always feel so much more welcomed than you would in a chain. Sadly, Silke has since ceased trading, however I wanted to give them a mention as they were there, right at the very beginning.



Last August, I visited Prague – a very Instagramable city, even if I do say so myself! With any trip, I’m always excited to try new foods, whether it’s at the accommodation I’m staying at or whether it’s cheap street foods.

Below are a selection of drinks & eats enjoyed throughout my stay. In all honesty, I wouldn’t say there was anything exceptional about the foods I tried, however one place that did stand out to me, was a little bakery/cafe called Bakeshop. Well worth checking out if you visit!

One thing that you seem to see a lot of around the city are these little treats below… They look amazing, but I was disappointed! I found them too heavy & totally impractical to eat.

Have you ever visited Prague? Leave a comment & tell me your thoughts!


A little while back in January, Essex Foodies were invited along to what has now become one of my (& my Mum’s) favourite places to eat in Chelmsford. As you read on, you will find out why.

Conveniently located close to Chelmsford train station is this gem of a Turkish restaurant, serving absolutely delicious & fresh dishes. The dishes we enjoyed included mixed olives & bread with dips to begin –  I have to say, the bread & the dips of which were served were absolutely exceptional, everything was flavourful, tangy & tasty. We then followed this with our starters which included tiger prawns & special hellim-sucuk. The prawns served were huge! To me this makes a huge difference, as there is nothing worse than ordering prawns & for them to arrive shrivelled up. The hellim-sucuk (halloumi & Turkish sausage) is one of my favourite Turkish dishes & this did not disappoint, the halloumi was lovely & fresh, not rubbery & the sausage was flavourful – lovely & spicy. Following from our starters, we feasted on the yogurtlu lamb shish & the chefs special king prawns as well as a side of rice. Both of the dishes were again lovely & flavourful, well presented & both generous in portion sizes, especially the shish. Everything we had was ever so fresh. Personally, I would say if you are looking for a meal on a budget, this restaurant would be worth checking out as just a main alone would definitely fill you up! After we had enjoyed our main courses, we devoured a couple of pink gins served with elderflower tonic & fresh fruits – even the drinks tasted so lovely & fresh. On the last leg of our food journey, we enjoyed the desserts coppa rossa & tiramisu – both of these were ice cream based desserts so were not too heavy after a filling meal. The tiramisu wasn’t the standard sponge cake, but a tiramisu inspired ice cream instead. I like the idea of this as sometimes cake after a meal is a bit of a no-no & can end up leaving you feeling uncomfortable. The coppa rossa was yummy! Mascarpone flavoured ice cream served on a bed of digestive crumb – almost similar to a cheesecake but again, not as heavy. All of the food we ate here was absolutely lovely. Turkish is one of my favourite cuisines so discovering this place has definitely found me a new favourite place to eat!

It’s also worth mentioning that these guys also have a great lunch time menu, which can be served up within minutes! We would like to thank Ziyaret for welcoming us to their restaurant, for their exceptional service & for the wine that they also gifted us with. We will most definitely be back in the near future! Thanks again for the invite @ziyaretchelmsford



Earlier on in the year (January), I had the privilege of trying out this tiny restaurant nestled in Clapham Old Town. What a delight! The food here is made without using any cream or butter, which have to say, makes such a difference to how you feel after the meal. For the first time ever after a curry, I wasn’t bloated or uncomfortable – this is definitely the way forward!

There was a lovely menu to choose from, some things recognisable but made with a twist. The various dishes my Dad & I enjoyed included the cod fillet & calamari to start, lamb chops, lamb curry & tiger prawn curry for mains with sides of paneer masala & khatte bhaigan (baby aubergines). All of the food was superb, and thanks to it being so nice & light, you could fully enjoy it! Following from our food, we were brought a selection of ice creams – all of these were so lovely! In particular I really enjoyed the berry flavour. I would highly recommend giving this restaurant a visit, especially if you are a fan of more natural, healthier meals. Definitely a hidden gem! Thank you to Raju, @binodbaral_ & the team @zumburaclapham for the invite & for their hospitality.



Back in January, I was given the opportunity to dine at & review one of the newer restaurants in Chelmsford, Middletons Steakhouse & Grill. As a keen foodie, I had of course already eaten here a couple of times, this was when the restaurant launched their soft opening (offering 50% off the food bill for the first two weeks of trade). If there’s one thing I love, it’s steak, and if there’s one thing I love even more, it’s discounted steak! Both times I had visited previously were fab & food was superb, however on this particular visit, there was something missing, the food didn’t appear to be as up to scratch as it had been. Review will reveal all –

Onto the food – to start, my Mum & I chose the prawn cocktail & the creamy garlic mushrooms. We both liked our starters, they were good in size & both came with bread, however I found my prawn cocktail be quite bland in taste, in particular I thought the sauce lacked in flavour. The mushrooms were nice enough, however nothing stood out. For our mains we opted for the classic mixed grill with a side of onion rings, & the beef wellington with a side of dauphinoise potatoes. I did really enjoy my main, the potatoes were lovely & creamy, really tasty, & the mixed grill was also nice & very generous in size, however we found the meat to be quite chewy which was disappointing, & the onion rings were heavily burnt, leaving the majority of them inedible. In all honesty, I was quite surprised by the quality of the food on this visit as my previous visits had been outstanding – maybe this was down to different chefs working, or maybe it was just down to preference, I’m not too sure. I personally think Middletons is one of the more expensive restaurants in Chelmsford, so with this, I expect quality, unfortunately on this visit, I didn’t think this met expectations.

Desserts! Desserts were absolutely fab – I’m not a Bailey’s fan however I had the Bailey’s white chocolate cheesecake & was converted! The cheesecake was really tasty, & was served with ice cream, so was not over-indulgent. My mum had the Middleton’s Sundae (which I also ate a bit of!) – this was again really lovely, the ice cream genuinely tasted so nice & fresh, & again, as it was ice cream, wasn’t too heavy or over-indulgent.
All in all, we weren’t particularly satisfied with this meal, which I did make Middletons aware of before posting this review, however, saying this, my visit hasn’t put me off at all, as my experiences here before haven’t been bad. I look forward to visiting again to see if there has been any improvement.



So a little while back, EF were fortunate enough to have been approached & invited to visit this authentic Lebanese restaurant & shisha lounge in Ilford.

The first thing I noticed when approaching the restaurant, was the sheer size of it – huge! The restaurant is spread over 2 floors, with a shisha lounge to the front. Upon arrival, restaurant manager Ahmed kindly greeted us & showed us to our table – we chose to sit upstairs which has more of an authentic feel & ambience to it (including decorative camel!) The tables here are not your usual restaurant tables, but desert style bedouin – lovely & traditional to say the least! The seating upstairs gently reminded me what it was like when I visited Dubai & had an evening in the desert. Due to the seating arrangements, the restaurant (upstairs) isn’t brightly lit, which i thought was quite nice, & especially relaxing. It was also nice in the sense that it wasn’t too formal – it gave the impression that you could sit, enjoy your time & your food, without staff wanting a quick turnover of customers. I personally felt this made a huge difference to the experience, there’s nothing worse than a restaurant wanting to get you in & out as soon as possible, so top marks here for Al Khayma.

Now, on to the food – for our starters, we ordered up 3 plates between us to share, which was more than enough, you’ve got to remember that you will be served bread/dips/olives anyway, so you definitely don’t want to go too mad with starters. We enjoyed a selection which included the halloumi (you can never go wrong with a bit of halloumi!) this was definitely cooked to perfection, it wasn’t rubbery or squeaky, which sometimes it can be if it’s left to go cold, & the halloumi also had a glaze to it, I’m not too sure what it was but it was very yummy! Kibbeh (which are deep fried lamb meatballs), these were lovely & very filling, as well as the Sojuk, which are home made Lebanese sausages – I especially enjoyed these, the meat was lovely & soft, & they had a nice kick to them. All of the starters were served on a bed of salad which was a lovely touch & refreshing if the starters were too hot/spicy. The salad also just gave the food that little bit extra on presentation.

On to the mains – we opted for our own dishes here rather than a platter, as we thought it would be nice to try more traditional food, so we enjoyed the Farnouj mousakhab, which is a whole baby chicken served with a side salad & chips, although I swapped chips for rice. This was absolutely delicious, the chicken is coated in a garlic sauce which was so, so nice! I have to say, the portion here was huge as well, I was defeated, I don’t think I even managed half – I tried! The other main we ordered up was the Tajine which is lamb cubes & vegetables in a smoked sauce – again, this was very tasty, & plentiful. In particular, I liked how this was served up – very traditional. We decided against desserts, as the food was more than enough. We did however enjoy the tea that was served – this was very nice & refreshing after the large meal.

All in all, we really loved our experience here, the restaurant is really lovely & authentic, & gives you a real Middle Eastern feel. I think the biggest selling point has got to be the shisha lounge – this was busy throughout our time visiting, so Al Khayma are definitely doing something right. I would definitely suggest giving this place a visit, even if it does mean going out of your way – the restaurant is alcohol free, so there is no excuse to not drive! 

We would like to thank Al Khayma for inviting us along, & in particular a big thank you to Ahmed for going out of his way to make sure everything was perfect for us. We look forward to visiting again!