… That’s exactly what we did, and you can too!
Bake With a Legend is a fantastic company who allow the public to try their baking skills alongside former Bake Off contestants. What they offer is bespoke baking classes, both classes in person (pre Covid, they hope to resume these January 2021), & virtual classes. The virtual classes obviously can be attended from the comfort of your own home, whilst the classes/workshops are held in 2 locations, London & Manchester.

You can be a baker of absolutely any level to join in, as you’ll have guidance throughout, and you’ll be in the right hands clearly, as these legends have made it to tv, & have all the tips & tricks up their sleeves to help along the way, perfect if you’re an amateur (like we were, & still are).

Our particular class was with Howard Middleton & the ‘bake’ which we were making was Black Forest Chocolate Eclairs. They sounded delicious, everyone else’s looked delicious, but honestly, ours came out absolutely awful, to the point where it took 3 attempts of making the choux pastry & it was still a bit of a let down – we think we will probably swerve making any choux pastry in future! This was absolutely nothing to do with the class (it couldn’t have been as everyone else’s came out spot on), we put it down to how well we beat our mix. Trial & error!

The class itself was very useful. We had Howard there baking along with us, so any problems, or any questions, we were able to fire straight at him, & we had Josh (founder of Bake With a Legend) there to run the class, & make sure everyone knew where they were, & give everyone a chance to catch up if they’d fallen behind. Prior to the class, we were given a list of ingredients which were easy enough to source, we were also given a recipe to follow (this was really helpful to have to hand if you got sort of lost anywhere along the way & just sort of check we were in the right place without causing a disturbance) & we were given the Zoom login to attend the class. Everything was made really clear & really simplified, so a great way of learning. 

It was a little bit chaotic, but when isn’t it when baking? This was more because we got a little bit panicky when our mix wasn’t coming together as well as the others’ in the class, but Howard was there to reassure us we were doing okay!

We enjoyed the class, we found it extremely helpful to have the guidance & advice from a baking legend & it was lovely seeing everyone’s end results! We certainly won’t be applying for Bake Off any time soon however, we’ve learnt that choux pastry (although we can’t quite crack it) isn’t as daunting as you may think to make, takes few ingredients & it can be done. WE WILL GET THERE!

This is definitely an experience to get involved with if you’re an avid baker, or even if you just want to try something new. There are a whole range of classes available, & all can be booked online at

A huge thank you to all involved – Howard for helping us along the way, Josh for putting this altogether & Cait at Full Volume PR for giving us the chance to get involved! [GIFTED]

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