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Social Stories Club Christmas Campaign ‘Christmas with an Impact’.
Gift-boxes That Support Social Enterprises and Create the Ultimate Social Impact.

Social Stories Club, a socially impactful gift-box social enterprise has decided to make this Christmas as socially conscious as possible, they have curated a campaign to have ‘Christmas with an Impact’. Social Stories Club have been shining a light on social enterprises and their incredible
stories of impact for two years, through their exciting gifts supporting lots of social causes such as creating social mobility for the Dalit community of India, supporting reforestation, and providing education for girls. This Christmas they are asking the UK public to buy a socially impactful gift and make this Christmas as Impactful as possible.

Victoria E, a buyer and receiver of a Social Stories Club gift-box wrote: “I received one of these hampers recently, and loved it! I had to then in turn get one as a gift for my friend for her birthday. It’s such a treat! What a brilliant initiative, supporting brilliant companies with great visions for making a positive impact. What’s not to love?!” These positive statements are what empowers the small Social Stories Club team to keep finding new and inspiring social enterprises and to promote the creation of social impact. Since Social Stories Club was created they have created over £30,000 in positive impact across the world.

Karis Gill – Co-Founder, Social Stories Club; has over the past couple of months realised that the
public is thinking more about the types of businesses they support and how they spend their
money, during difficult societal and financial periods. During COVID-19, there was a push to
support local businesses, especially ones with a more socially conscious focus. Karis created the very popular‘ A Hug-in-a-Box’ gift box in May to ensure people still felt connected in the difficult months. As it has become more unstable towards the festive period Social Stories Club has
reaffirmed their commitment to not only creating social impact, but making social groups still feel connected.

In September, Social Stories Club launched a successful crowd-funder campaign raising £4000 with gift boxes filled with products from small social enterprises. They created this after they realised they can struggle to produce mass orders over busy periods; therefore, they created a pre-
order scheme for September to ensure they were supported and had enough production time for the festive period.

Social Stories Club are not only shining a light on these amazing brands, they are also providing a route to market for social enterprises. The social enterprises they feature are shared on their social media and also their stories are told in the story booklets included in our boxes. Many of
those featured have gone on to receive large orders from corporates and other businesses.

About Social Stories Club.
Karis came up with the idea for Social Stories Club on her 21st birthday. She knew at this point that she wanted to combine her interests in entrepreneurship and charity, and social enterprise was the answer. Karis led the events team of her local Social Enterprise Club and became
fascinated with all the social enterprises she met and their incredible stories of impact. Karis was so inspired by these stories she wanted to share them with the world. When Karis came back to Edinburgh for her final year of university, she dedicated her dissertation to researching social
enterprise. Aayush, who is the other co-founder, grew up in India and his first flight out of Asia landed him in Edinburgh to start university. Aayush’s background is in finance, charity and operations. In his first year at university between 2014-15, Aayush raised over £11,000 for four different
charities. To encourage university students to get involved, he designed several creative events to raise funds including pillow fights for mental health. In August 2019, Aayush was shortlisted as the ‘Social Enterprise Champion ’by Social Enterprise Scotland. In their 4th year at university Karis sat in Aayush’s kitchen and they discussed their future. Aayush was struggling applying for graduate jobs and Karis had her plan for Social Stories Club. The conversation was short and beautiful Karis asked Aayush if he wanted to join and immediately he said yes.

Karis Gill

Aayush Goyal

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