A little while ago, I was very lucky to receive a product called Our Remedy CBD Oil. Now this is something completely different to what I would normally post about but I am always looking to broaden my horizon, plus this is still an edible product, so it sort of ties in with the foodie background (just about!)

So this product claims to help relieve period pains but with a twist! You can actually use this in no less than… cocktails (check https://ourremedy.co.uk/cbd-cocktails/)! I was beyond excited to give this a go & to see whether it lived up to expectations. Probably TMI but I suffer quite badly from those kind of cramps & pains, mainly a dull backache & the classic punching feeling in the tummy. Anyone who suffers will know just how much the pain can really ruin your day, and retailing between £26.99 – £31.99, I think this is definitely worth splashing out a little more on. Naturally, upon first discovering the product, I was a little sceptical – I did think it was a little gimmicky however I was soon proven wrong! When I first tried the product, I didn’t actually sample it in a drink, but just went straight in consuming only a small dose of the oil. I have to say, it was far more effective than any paracetamol/ibuprofen or even Feminax – so straight off, I would recommend.

What I liked about the product…
Okay, firstly, my favourite thing about the product is that it is pain-relief product than can be used with alcohol – you can add to cocktails to give it a little bit of a peppermint-y taste, or alternatively you can add to a hot chocolate to give it a little bit of a twist!
The product also arrived via DPD which was extremely speedy! I am unsure whether this is standard, or whether it was sent faster due to being a PR product – either way I was very impressed. The package was also gorgeously presented, very neat & very pretty. The heavily-Instagrammable box itself was also filled with other little goodies you might crave or fancy at that time of the month, including the delicious Lindt Truffles, plus a couple of teas & some other ladies’ items!

All in all, I have really enjoyed being able to sample Our Remedy – it’s certainly a product worth investing in if you suffer badly with period pains, & it is a fantastic & much tastier way of relieving pains!

Thank you so much to @OurRemedy for getting this over to us.


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