A little while back we were invited to Cosmo – a world buffet restaurant located in Romford. After hearing such good things & reading rave reviews about the restaurant, we were really excited to try it out for ourselves.

Our first visit left a lot to be desired – service was quite poor, & in all honesty there wasn’t really any reason for it to be, the restaurant wasn’t particularly busy but we were left unimpressed when not a single member of staff came over to check if everything was okay or to offer any more drinks. The food wasn’t especially great either. In particular we found it to lack a little in flavour (although it’s hard to judge & generalise when there is so much on offer). 

This feedback was all passed on to the marketing agency who organised the opportunity for us, which was then passed back on to the restaurant, & as a result we were invited back for a second visit.

The second visit was much, much better. Service was exceptional & the staff honestly couldn’t do enough for us, from the moment we entered to the moment we left! Drinks arrived a lot quicker the second time round, & we were checked on several times to make sure our glasses weren’t empty – a much better result.

The food the second time round was also better, we wouldn’t go as far as saying the food here is great but if you’re looking for somewhere to go that can cater for everyone then this is definitely the place. With so many cuisines to choose from, it’s perfect for those that are fussy! In particular we found the Chinese cuisine to be the best – this was the most flavourful & probably the best quality. The Indian dishes we found to be quite hot but not an enjoyable hot. We did also sample some bits from the teppanyaki counter which included the steak, salmon & prawns. Portions here are really limited (you can pick a maximum of 2 meats/fishes per visit) & we found that the wait was quite a while, especially on a Friday evening. It also seemed to be a bit of a free for all with people trying to jump the queue & shouting at the chef to see if their food was ready.

All in all, our visits here were okay, the second visit was a lot better & it was great to see the restaurant take on board what we had fed back previously, it goes to prove that feedback in essential & can really make a difference – (which is what we are here for!) We would like to point out that our visits were not negative but could definitely be improved. It’s probably not somewhere we would pick to visit out of choice, but this is also due to other factors including distance & price – we tend to find buffets aren’t value for money if you’re not going to eat loads & loads!

Thank you so much to Cosmo for having us & to Holly @ Distinctly PR for organising!

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