A little while back Essex Foodies were gifted with a selection of these intriguing little snacks – & what a treat they were!

Plant Pops are a healthy popped lotus seed snack in a variety of 3 flavours, including;
– Himalayan Salt
– Smoked Chilli (a huge hit in my office!)
– Peanut Butter

The popped seeds are light & airy with not a lot to them, making them very more-ish, but with such low fats, this is not a problem – you can keep eating them!

At first I was a bit sceptical – any sort of healthy snacks would never be my first choice, give me crisps any day of the week, but these were a game changer & totally exceeded my expectations. Finally a healthy snack I would say yes to!

These are most definitely worth a try, especially if you’re a grazer (like myself), you can snack guilt-free.

Thank you to Plant Pops for getting these out to us!


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