Yesterday evening Essex Foodies had the pleasure of indulging in crepe-based goodness at the Hornchurch branch of Delightful Desserts, & oh, how tasty it was!

As expected, our desserts were rich & saucy, whilst our drinks were lovely & refreshing. I enjoyed the fabulous fudge crepe, along with a vanilla frappe, whilst my friend went for the Kinder crepe, washed down with a raspberry iced tea.

Both crepes were served with ice cream & cream as standard, which I thought was great – normally when you go to a dessert place, it’s one or the other, so to have both is a winner in my eyes! Both crepes were also served very generously with their toppings – I couldn’t actually believe how much fudge was on my crepe, & the Kinder crepe had I would say equivalent of two Bueno bars generously spread over the light pancake. One thing we did notice too was how well presented the crepes were, considering how messy they must be to prepare, we were very impressed. We both loved what we chose & would most definitely choose to have these again. 

Our drinks were a huge huge hit too, the frappe I had was smooth & creamy, but not too rich & not overpowered by the vanilla flavouring, & I’m told the tea was fruity & sweet, & simply refreshing, especially alongside a rich dessert. 

We were also very impressed by the extensive menu – the were plenty of waffle/crepe toppings to choose from as well as many, many different variations of drinks to choose from. One other thing I noticed on the menu too was the option for a half-waffle – genius!!! A whole waffle can definitely be too much so I love that Delightful Desserts have given you the alternative to take a smaller portion for a smaller price! There is also a coffee companions menu offering smaller treats, perfect for a mid-morning coffee break.

Overall, we had a very pleasant experience at Delightful Desserts (Hornchurch), there was plenty to choose from & the desserts & drinks were very enjoyable. Thank you to all staff for their generosity & hospitality, we look forward to visiting again soon.

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