Throwback to one of our older reviews! Unfortunately, I didn’t write the original review which is why i have decided not to copy it straight over to the website – however, it is only fair that this restaurant gets a mention

This was my first time trying not-your-typical Indian – and what a treat it was. It allowed me to try & discover new flavours, flavours of which I would probably not pick if I went for a takeaway or an all you can eat buffet.

Thank you to owner & manager Fazila for inviting & warmly welcoming us, as well as guiding us through the menu & making fabulous suggestions.

To start, my friend & I enjoyed a large dosa which is a very large crepe filled with masala potato filling accopanied with a varitety of dips. The crepe is very, very large however do not be deceived! It may be huge but it is honestly not too much – the portion itself is big but the food is very light & crisp. Along with the dosa, we enjoyed a platter which included a number of items from the starters – if I remember correctly, we had fish 65 (probably my favourite), onion bhajis, there was also a chicken dish which I cannot remember the name of, & I’m sure there was more but I cannot for the life of me remember!

Onto our mains – we enjoyed the Dosa chicken cury & the fiery prawn curry – both of which were bursting with warmth & flavour.

Following from our mains, we of course had dessert, & both went for the chocolate filled pancake – oozing with chocolatey goodness!

I can only apologise for the lack of review here, but as mentioned previously, I didn’t want to pinch someone else’s write up!

Thank you very much to Fazila & the Live Dosa family for giving us the opportunity when we were first starting out, & for giving us an insight to traditional Indian food!



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