Over the weekend I visited this teeny tiny Brazilian restaurant nestled at the top of Maldon High Street. Brazilian cuisine is not something I had ever tried before, nor something I would’ve chosen, up until now. The menu here is fairly small, however as I have mentioned before, sometimes I prefer this as it means you’re not too spoilt for choice. On this occasion, this definitely helped because if there had been any more new things for me to try, I would’ve been completely stuck on what to pick.

Before our starters were served, we were presented with a board of olives, homous & bread – normally I do not like humous as I’m not a fan of the texture (too gritty for my liking), however this was beautiful! The humous was smooth & more of a puree form – lush! Once we’d finished with these bits, our starters were served & we opted for pao de queijo which are cheesy doughballs served with a garlic butter – these were very nice, the bread was light & airy, & the butter really complimented the dish. We also enjoyed calabresa acebolada which is a pan fried sausage dish, Brazilian style. Again, this was lovely, the sausages were cooked perfectly, & were very rich in flavour – definitely something I could eat again!
For our main dishes, we went for the empanado which is a panko coated chicken breast served with mash, beetroot compote & salad – Mum thoroughly enjoyed this & was impressed at how soft the chicken was. I decided to go for the moqueca de peixe which is a fish dish served with rice & cheesy doughballs. The dish would normally contain calamari & mussels, however I chose not to have these as I don’t like either, but this wasn’t a problem at all, as the food is all freshly made, it was prepared exactly as I wanted it. I have to say, I was a really nicely surprised at how much I enjoyed this dish! The sauce was really creamy & wasn’t too overpowering. Even down to the rice, it was so well cooked, the fish was flaky & the prawns were beautifully tender. Both mains were generous in size & more than enough.

Finally, desserts – I went for the chocolate & orange cake which was the best dessert I think I’ve ever had! The cake was absolutely huge & sadly I didn’t manage to eat all of it :(! but it was really refreshing considering it’s cake, thanks to the orange flavouring. So tangy & more-ish. I also thought that this was particularly well presented, as you will see in the pictures. Mum had the milk pudding which was lovely & creamy, the caramel sauce really emphasised the creaminess of the dessert. We both enjoyed our desserts, but have to admit we were both stumped as all the desserts looked gorgeous, however we were both more than happy with our choices.
Thank you to @cafebrazil_ for inviting us to try something new & for looking after us on our visit – you have definitely opened our eyes to Brazilian food! I would definitely suggest giving these guys a go as Mum & I we’re both pleasantly surprised.


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