So a little while back, EF were invited to try out Shwings, a casual restaurant serving, you guessed it, chicken wings, but not just any old chicken wings, gourmet chicken wings. Wings in a variety of wonderful different flavours! Of course, there are other things on the menu, to include chickens wraps, spatchcock chicken & salads, alongside an array of tasty sides, & for those that are veggie, there is an alternative of cauliflower florets in flavours of choice. On our visit, manager & founder Mark steered us as we were unsure of what to have, so we went with his recommendations and tucked into a feast including;
– 2 lots of chicken wings, 1 portion of honey & chilli, & 1 portion of buffalo (served with a blue cheese dip… yum!)
– half spatchcock chicken which is served with (if I remember correctly) a chilli oil dipping sauce
– 1 portion of loaded fries, topped with bacon bits, Tobasco mayo & spring onion
– 2 baked corns
– 2 sticky toffee puddings for dessert (1 with custard, 1 with ice cream)
All of the food was absolutely wonderful & full flavoured – there was absolutely nothing to fault. Portion sizes are extremely generous, especially as the wings are also very large. I would definitely, definitely recommend giving Shwings a visit, but do be prepared for your hands to be messy once you’ve finished! (This is also a big statement but I think I would pick Shwings over Nandos – try it out for yourself, see what you think & let me know your thoughts!)


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