This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Cheese Fest UK held at The Five Lakes Resort in Colchester/Maldon with a couple of friends & what a treat it was. There were cheese made with gin, prosecco, chocolate, fruits – you name it, it was probably there somewhere! There were various stalls selling cheese, or products made using cheese (ie cheesecake), as well as various street food stalls serving hot (cheese) foods. If I could’ve managed to eat every type of cheese there was there, I most certainly would’ve but after gouda bites, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac & cheese along with all the cheese samples, it was all just a bit too much – at least I know now for next time! Overall, the Cheese Fest experience was good, however I do think that prices are a little on the steep side for not a lot – entry costs around £10 per person, & food prices start at around £5 per portion, so this soon adds up, especially if you want to try a few things. Fortunately, as there was 3 of us, we could all chip in & try each others’ food. Last but not least… I can confirm that I didn’t leave empty handed, but with a bag full of cheesy goodness – I picked up 6 varieties of cheese & I’m sure these won’t last very long! I believe that the Cheese Fest takes places up & down the country, so have a look & see if it will be coming to you –

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